The EDA exists to:

Fight against inappropriate development.
Resist cuts to public services
Challenge wasteful spending
Promote democracy and transparency
Protect the rights of the residents of East Devon


Our objectives:
Encourage democracy
Promote accountability
Strive for transparency


We represent residents from Exeter to Axminster.
Our Councillors speak for you, and your communities.
We are independent and, as such, can speak freely.
If it matters to you, it matters to us!


Independent Councillors across East Devon (and in other districts too) have been at the forefront of the fight to protect our community and town hospital facilities from closure and service cuts. Whilst the majority group is willing to stand idle and allow political dogma to prevail (and thus facilitate the withdrawal of in-patient beds and the threat of asset stripping via NPS), your independent representatives have seized every opportunity to fight long and hard, challenge every decision, expose service failings and the cozy relationship between political parties and the private sector.


The EDA was born from the coming together of several groups campaigning to prevent inappropriate and unsustainable large-scale development in East Devon and the shocking mis-use of executive power which favoured the profits of developers over the needs and views of the residents and communities. EDA Councillors have always challenged the often secretive way in which these plans are drawn up and implemented, and we are presently working with the CPRE Devon branch to present – via events and mailings – the alternative figures for Devon’s Housing Needs; figures which vary considerably from those used by the majority group to bulldoze through our rural landscape.

From Axminster and the flawed Masterplan, to Cranbrook; From Newton Poppleford to the GESP – you can always rely on your elected Independent Councillors to fight for what is right in East Devon.

People before Party; People before Profit.


From the very beginning, the East Devon Alliance has campaigned for openness and transparency at the District Council. We do not understand why so much public information is hidden away and censored, from public scrutiny. We do not believe that every resident should be obliged to submit Freedom of Information requests to EDDC simply to find out what they are doing, how they are spending our money and where that money is ending up. From the debacle of the Knowle sale, to the shocking profligacy of the new Blackdown House building, to the secrets behind the Exmouth Regeneration project, and the betrayal of Seaton’s affordable homes – the EDA never stops in its mission to obtain the truth behind the spin and obfuscation.
Transparency is not a choice; it is a necessity and we will always campaign for it.



01297 639266 / 07711 929227
Minton House, Church Street, Colyton, EX24 6JY