Who or what are the
East Devon Alliance? *

* A question asked at the last election by the Local Conservative Group in a piece of disreputable negative campaigning.

In a nutshell, the clue is in the name…..

We are purely an alliance of free-thinking, free-speaking, concerned individuals who came together as independents to challenge the insidious culture of secrecy prevalent within the district council, and still sadly evident in 2019.

Our Alliance is simply that; we work together to campaign, to challenge, to question the decisions that are taken at EDDC which we believe favour the select few, and not the many.

Formed in 2013, by the coming together of a number of groups campaigning across East Devon, we represent the silent voice of those residents who are horrified by the lack of transparency and openness in their Councils. We represent those who believe that unfettered development in favour of rapacious landowners and commercial organisations has been given an unfair advantage over those who live and work in rural East Devon and who believe that not everyone shares the opinion that you can promote growth, and prosperity by simply concreting over every square inch of green field.

We represent those who question the financial integrity of the District and County Councils; decisions made by a small “cabal” of Councillors from one dominant group, who use the party system to bulldoze through policy, and legislation – to the detriment of the vast majority of the residents in this County – ably and willingly assisted by a silent and compliant cohort of party members who rarely speak and who rarely object but continue – with a quiet word in their ears and a gentle arm at their elbows – to vote how they are told and when they are told. That is not democracy in our opinion. That is a virtual autocracy.

In 2019, you can help change the way politics is delivered in East Devon. On May 2nd, you can vote for change, by changing your vote.

Vote East Devon Alliance on May 2nd. For a better and brighter future for you, your families and your communities.