Sarah Jackson Election photo for EDDC 2019
    Sarah Jackson
    EDDC Candidate

    Axminster Ward

    Time for something different… I’m young(ish), female & dedicated. District Council could use a healthy dose of those attributes.

    Like my fellow Independent EDA candidates, I believe in openness, honesty & transparency, and that locally elected representatives should answer to the public, not their party. Historically,  Axminster has been constrained by party politics. As the only Independent candidate for Axminster, I would like to see that change. I am interested in what you think.
    Your concerns are my concerns.

    Axminster has so much to offer & potentially a very bright future, but it needs your help.

    By voting Independent, together, we can begin to unlock Axminster’s potential without destroying its unique charm. We can strive to meet the needs of a growing population in more appropriate ways whilst protecting our rich history, community spirit & beautiful natural surroundings.

    We can make this town the place where we all still want to live,  rather than the place others think it should become.

    Vote for change. People before Party

    Published by C Gardner, Minton House, Colyton EX24 6JY on behalf of EDA candidates: P Arnott, Minton House, Colyton EX24 6JY; D Bickley, 30 Tyrrell Mead, Sidmouth EX10 9TP; C Gardner, 10 Coombe Hayes, Sidmouth EX10 9XX; P Hayward, Plumtree, Old North St, Axminster EX13 5QF; S Jackson, 69 Dukes Way, Axminster EX13 5FN; D Ledger, 13 Marsh Rd, Seaton EX12 2LQ; J Loudoun, Bourne Cottage, Sidbury EX10 0SQ; D Manley, 44 Baker Close, Sidmouth  EX10 9YJ; V Ranger, Harpford, EX10 0NQ; M Rixson, 22 Sid Vale Close Sidford EX10 9PH; J Rowland, 18 Albion Close, Seaton EX12 2XS