Louise MacAllister – Independent East Devon Alliance Candidate for Sidmouth

About Louise

Louise has lived in Devon her whole adult life after always coming here to visit
family as a child. She lives with her two teenage children and a dog.

Louise initially trained to work with horses, but after having two children, went
on to study sustainable technology with the Open University. That led to getting
accepted to Exeter University where she eventually gained a PhD in geography.
Following her PhD, Louise was the project social scientist on ‘Hennovation’;
a project which worked with farmers creating networks to help find practice-led
solutions to welfare issues in the laying hen sector, empowering farmers to come
up with workable solutions

In her spare time, Louise was regularly using her research and organisational
skills to support community groups and campaigns to protect public services.
She was additionally supporting political campaigns led by the East Devon
Alliance and working on Claire Wright’s parliamentary campaigns as an
Independent candidate in East Devon. As a result of these experiences,
Louise felt compelled to move into community work.

Louise is now a project manager at Devon Communities Together where
she works on a wide variety of projects. She manages the Devon Community
Resilience Forum which supports communities to create their community
emergency plan to enhance resilience, she has worked on projects with SME,
micro businesses and social enterprises, and supported many towns and
parishes in community engagement. Recently she helped oversee the
creation and delivery of a COVID-19 helpline, and business support service.