Paul Hayward – Independent East Devon Alliance Candidate for Axminster

About Paul

Despite not being born in Devon, Paul has considered East Devon to be
his second home since 1977 when his sister and family moved to Seaton.

Paul moved here with his own family in 2007 and started a Handyman
business, entertained local residents (and kids) as a popular DJ and
‘balloon modeller’ before becoming a Parish Clerk in 2015 for All Saints
Parish Council. Paul now works for three local Councils delivering service
to local residents, and aspiring to keep taxes low, but facilities high.

Paul has been an elected Town Councillor (from 2011 to 2019) and was
honoured to be elected Mayor of Axminster in 2016/17. Paul also serves
on East Devon District Council for Yarty Ward, but is also currently the
Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Economy & Assets,
and has been supporting the local business community throughout the
entire Covid pandemic period, working tirelessly to ensure that financial
support was provided quickly and efficiently to assist businesses in need.

Paul also assist the community in a voluntary capacity. As one of the
founding members of Axminster Christmas Together (with Lesley Frankau)
he ensures that no-one is left alone on Christmas Day, providing
companionship and a Christmas Lunch (free-of-charge) to anyone
that wishes to take part. Paul also works with Nourish, an organisation
set up to alleviate and prevent food poverty and hunger. At the outset
of the Covid19 crisis, Paul (and other volunteers) came together to
form ACER, and provided on-the-spot community care and support
to hundreds of Axminster residents.

Paul has also been instrumental in increasing the availability of
Defibrillators across East Devon; with 21 new AED’s installed (and
multiple training courses run), Paul is delighted to be able to be
a part of the campaign to lower the fatality rate for Cardiac Arrest
in this part of Devon. Every second counts!

But, crucially, Paul is a “people” candidate, not a ‘party’ candidate.
The principles of the East Devon Alliance are Paul’s principles too!


These are not just words, but rather the foundation stones of what
Paul aims to deliver to those he serves in our community. Paul is
a candidate who learns by listening, whose actions speak louder
than his words, and who seeks to represent you, not the interests
of a party machine, or 3rd parties with ulterior motives.

Since 2011, Paul has given up his time freely to help the good people
of Axminster, in whatever way he can. On May 6th 2021, he asks for
your confidence, your trust, your support to continue that work at
County Hall and deliver real change for Axminster after decades
of broken promises, empty words and hollow gestures.

Campaign Literature


8 April 2021 – Potholes (the bane of every road user!)

For those who travel around the town and surrounding villages,
you will have seen the flurry of road repair and drain clearing activity
in recent weeks.

The fact that the County Council election is JUST around the corner is
no doubt a spooky coincidence! But, please don’t let a few days of
mediocre and rushed pothole filling disguise the 4 years of broken
promises to invest in our road network and sort out the defects and
potholes that damage our vehicles, cause injuries (some very serious)
to cyclists & motorcyclists and make all routine journeys a nightmare.

Swerving to avoid potholes results in collisions and even more damage.

Our roads are in a shocking state, as the pictures below attest
(Lyme Close is particularly dreadful at the moment) but even when repairs
are done (as at Weycroft Bridge last week) they are to a shockingly poor
standard, and ignore other holes barely feet away!

The whole process and contract needs to be rethought, rather than
simply putting more Council Tax money into private contractors pockets.
We should not need to wait until an election is called to see REAL action
from our elected representatives.

A ‘strong’ voice counts for nothing when it never says anything,
challenges the status quo or asks the right questions.

On May 6th, vote for change. Together, we can make a difference.