Cathy Gardner EDDC Elections 2019
    Cathy Gardner
    EDDC Candidate

    Sidmouth Town Ward

    I have spoken out for the town and its residents, as a District Councillor, since 2015. I will continue to do that, by any means possible. Challenging how the council makes decisions is essential in order to improve transparency, accountability and democracy.
    I pledge to: encourage collaboration to support our high street and improve the street scene; seek action on the delayed Beach Management Plan; push for improvements at Port Royal to capitalise on the redevelopment of the Drill Hall; call for transparency on the true costs and break-even of relocation.
    The biggest success has been saving the Drill Hall for redevelopment as a fish restaurant. This long battle involved many people; I picked up the fight with an architecture competition and initiated the 3Rs campaign. Our 1800-signature petition and combined pressure from resident feedback against luxury flats and the Neighbourhood Plan, finally won the day for people-power, I look forward to the restaurant opening in 2020!

      Denise Bickley
      EDDC Candidate

      Sidmouth Town Ward

      I am a keen environmentalist, founder of Sidmouth Plastic Warriors and Regional Representative for Surfers Against Sewage, running regular beach cleans and helping to gain ‘Plastic Free Community’ status for Sidmouth.

      I am standing because I strongly believe we should all put something back into our community. My focuses are the environment, youth and mental health services, house building (planning according to need, not profit), and re-energising our town. We need to offer careers (not just jobs) to keep our younger members satisfied living here, and that needs a strong economy.

      We have thriving groups for all ages, schools that need support from their community and plenty of positives to build on. I am a supporter of voluntary work of all types and want to make it easier to unite volunteers with those in need of them and encourage civic pride wherever possible.

      I will always act according to my conscience and the people I represent. I am not a fan of party politics in any form and I believe it’s time for a change.

      Too many times, our local voices are ignored at the District Council; What matters to you, matters to me. Public Service is an honour, not a right or a chore.

      If you want the best for your family, friends and community, vote Independent on May 2nd and vote for change. Your vote counts.

      Paul Hayward Election Photo EDDC 2019
        Paul Hayward
        EDDC Candidate

        Yarty Ward

        I’m delighted to be the only Independent candidate for Yarty Ward representing Membury, All Saints, Chardstock and Hawkchurch parishes on May 2nd standing on behalf of the East Devon Alliance.

        I believe that the public are fed up with party politics. By forcing Councillors to toe the party line, it prevents them from actually representing the communities they serve (or claim to!).

        Parishioners want Councillors who actually listen to them & act solely in their best interests; People before Party. They want Councillors who are eager to help, passionate about the needs and views of the parishes.

        Too many times, our local voices are ignored at the District Council; What matters to you, matters to me. Public Service is an honour, not a right or a chore.

        If you want the best for your family, friends and community, vote Independent on May 2nd and vote for change. Your vote counts.

        Dan Ledger EDDC Elections Seaton Ward Photo
          Dan Ledger
          EDDC Candidate

          Seaton Ward

          I am a local tradesman, born and raised in Seaton, working for my family run scaffolding business in the area. I currently serve as a councillor 0f Seaton Town Council and wish to become a district councillor to better serve my community. Due to my background in construction, my keen focus is on housing, leisure facilities and development, believing that Seaton has been let down for too long when it comes to new housing and infrastructure in the area.

          By becoming an East Devon District Councillor, I hope to:

          • Push to kick start developments that have stagnated and been left, which in turn will boost employability prospects within the town.
          • Put an emphasis on acquiring new green and community leisure related space for Seaton’s residents.
          • Aim to reverse the decision made by EDDC stating Seaton Hospital is not a community asset.
          • Ensure that Seaton builds more affordable housing, with a strong prominence on social housing.
          • Work to ensure Seaton’s Swimming Pool doesn’t close within the next year.
          • Boost the vitality of the town, ensuring Seafront Enhancement gets backing at a district level.
          Jack Rowland EDDC Election Seaton Ward Photo
            Jack Rowland
            EDDC Candidate

            Seaton Ward

            I want to represent Seaton on East Devon District Council to tackle the following issues:
            • ensure that EDDC supports my efforts to retain Seaton Hospital. I set up and chair Seaton Area Health Matters and a business case has recently been submitted to NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group and the Royal Devon & Exeter Trust to use the Seaton Hospital site as a Health & Wellbeing Hub for the region by retaining and expanding the clinics and services and for voluntary services to operate from the hub. A focus would be on preventative help to try to reduce admissions for operations and stays in an acute hospital environment.
            • having been a Town Councillor for the last 3 years and having the honour of being Mayor and deputy Mayor I have seen examples of EDDC Officers making delegated decisions that affect Seaton where EDDC Councillors have not had an opportunity to debate and vote on the subject. I want to find out the extent of the delegated powers and, where necessary, question those powers.
            • take action to tackle the provision of social housing that needs to be built to a high standard and well planned utilising brownfield sites. We need to ensure that younger people have the opportunity to live and work in the town who cannot afford to buy property for whatever reason at that stage of their lives.
            Marianne Rixson EDDC Election 2019
              Marianne Rixson
              EDDC Candidate

              Sidmouth Sidford Ward

              As a District councillor, I have consistently opposed the Sidford business park due to the inadequate highway access, lack of footways, increased flood risk and the damage this site would cause to our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  The smells from the sewage works can sometimes be overpowering – would anyone really want to work next to this?

              In addition, I have supported the successful Drill Hall campaign; spoken out against high business rates as local businesses face unfair competition from online trading; challenged issues such as poor broadband and mobile coverage, the proposed massive increase for parking at Sidford and charges for public toilets.

              Born and bred in Devon, it has been a privilege to serve as a councillor in this lovely part of my home county.  If re-elected, I will continue to fight for the interests of Sid Valley residents and a new access to Alexandria Industrial Estate.

              Dawn Manley EDDC Election Sidmouth Sidford 2019
                Dawn Manley
                EDDC Candidate

                Sidmouth Sidford Ward

                I am fortunate to have been born in Sidmouth and to live and work in this special town.  My experience as a town councillor (for 8 years) and a district councillor representing Sidford since 2015, has given me valuable insights into how our town is governed, what there is to be proud of, and what improvements could be made such as:

                • Promoting policies which ensure health and wellbeing for  all age groups
                • Supporting local views and needs identified in the emerging Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan, now in its final stage for approval
                • Giving a voice to those in our community who feel they are not heard

                I am passionate about providing services for all age groups, including the young.  I have been a keen member of the working group on Sidmouth town council supporting the youth service and club at Manstone, following county cuts.

                Also, I am an active member of the Health and Care Forum.  I am particularly concerned about improving mental health support for both children and adults.

                I was a founder member of the 3Rs campaign to retain the Drill Hall, which was successful, and strongly support the Sidford business park SayNO campaign.

                If re-elected, I will push for more joined-up working across both councils and the voluntary sector in matters of planning, tourism and the local economy.

                John Loudoun EDDC Elections 2019
                  John Loudoun
                  EDDC Candidate

                  Sidmouth Rural Ward

                  As a Sidbury resident I wish to represent the Ward where I live on the District Council.

                  I have a strong commitment to public service and will stand up for Sidmouth and the Sid Valley. I want to work to make things better and more efficient for local residents and visitors.

                  As your District Councillor I will have no personal vested interest to pursue other than wanting to give something back to our community.  I want to make improvements to our lives locally.

                  I will hold myself to the same high standards that I will be demanding from everyone else associated with the District Council. Tough times need high standards and leadership.

                  I am actively involved in local community campaigns. I am at the forefront of opposing the proposal to build a business park at Sidford. I am also heavily involved in the road safety campaign in Sidbury. I was involved in an attempt to community purchase the Red Lion pub in Sidbury, which is back at the heart of village life after a subsequent private purchase.

                  I am standing as an Independent East Devon Alliance candidate. I will not be subject to the direction of any main political party. However, to be effective I will work with other likeminded East Devon Alliance Councillors.

                  For more information, please visit my Facebook election page:

                  Paul Arnott Coly Valley EDDC Election Photo 2019
                    Paul Arnott
                    EDDC Candidate

                    Coly Valley

                    I pledge to:
                    • Fight to save our local hospitals
                    • Work with everyone to deliver more affordable and social housing
                    • Reform the way your district council is run
                    • Scrutinise and publicise the decisions leading to the financial loss on the new EDDC HQ project

                    I have been the chairman of the EDA for five years. and have lived in East Devon for more than twenty, lucky to see four children growing up in local state schools. Through them, I have coached a girls’ football team, helped save Colyton library from closure, and chaired the committee building the Reece Strawbridge Centre.

                    I am currently Secretary of the Colyton and Colyford Community Land Trust, which is looking for genuinely sustainable locations for affordable homes.
                    Professionally, I have produced television and film for thirty years, and have written four books. The latest, Windrush: A Ship Through Time is published by The History Press on 3rd June.
                    Unfortunately, for decades at both Parish and District level the ruling Conservative group has been rezoning green land owned by their supporters into millions of pounds of poor quality housing – often meddling without declaring interests when helping pals or blocking rivals.  We understand that if local people let this group dominate then when you really need genuine help from a councillor, you will only find poor quality party stooges – gatekeepers carefully placed to swing open when needed by their allies.
                    Sadly, fighting hospital closures, or preventing the predicted financial scandal of the new EDDC HQ in Honiton, is beyond them – forced by their national party whips to stick their hands up at the right time. If I am elected to East Devon District Council, together with my Independent friends, I will battle this at Parish and District level with everything I’ve got.
                     I would be grateful for your vote.

                    If I am elected to East Devon District Council, together with my Independent friends, I will battle this at Parish and District level to my last breath. I would be grateful for your vote.

                    Val Ranger Newton Poppleford and Harpford EDDC Election 2019
                      Val Ranger
                      EDDC Candidate

                      Newton Poppleford & Harpford

                      Historic planning decisions have a long reach. Newton Poppleford has been designated as ‘sustainable’ as part of Strategy 27 of the Local Plan 2013-2031 despite the problems with travel in and out of the village, the lack of public transport and the expense of the transport that does exist. On average 16,000 vehicles per day pass through Newton Poppleford and yet planning permission has been given for more than 64 houses with scant regard to parking issues and impact on existing residents. Only a small proportion are affordable for local people. The new school is already full. S106 and CIL payments owed to the parish for infrastructure to support the housing growth is slow coming forward. There is a lack of parity in planning decisions, overdevelopment of the ANOB completely contrary to the NPPF which states that ANOB should not be developed except in exceptional circumstances. Developers are allowed to wriggle out of their planning obligations.  Agricultural land is being lost every day in a system exploited in the name of ‘diversification’. Quiet conversations behind closed doors have brought us to the position we find ourselves in.  I wholeheartedly believe in honesty, openness and accountability.  I have been a member of the parish council since 2014 and am on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in an attempt to help local people take back control of planning in their parish. If re-elected I will continue to fight for what matters to local residents.

                      Sarah Jackson Election photo for EDDC 2019
                        Sarah Jackson
                        EDDC Candidate

                        Axminster Ward

                        Time for something different… I’m young(ish), female & dedicated. District Council could use a healthy dose of those attributes.

                        Like my fellow Independent EDA candidates, I believe in openness, honesty & transparency, and that locally elected representatives should answer to the public, not their party. Historically,  Axminster has been constrained by party politics. As the only Independent candidate for Axminster, I would like to see that change. I am interested in what you think. Your concerns are my concerns.

                        Axminster has so much to offer & potentially a very bright future, but it needs your help.

                        By voting Independent, together, we can begin to unlock Axminster’s potential without destroying its unique charm. We can strive to meet the needs of a growing population in more appropriate ways whilst protecting our rich history, community spirit & beautiful natural surroundings.

                        We can make this town the place where we all still want to live, rather than the place others think it should become.

                        Vote for change. People before Party

                        Published by C Gardner, Minton House, Colyton EX24 6JY on behalf of EDA candidates: P Arnott, Minton House, Colyton EX24 6JY; D Bickley, 30 Tyrrell Mead, Sidmouth EX10 9TP; C Gardner, 10 Coombe Hayes, Sidmouth EX10 9XX; P Hayward, Plumtree, Old North St, Axminster EX13 5QF; S Jackson, 69 Dukes Way, Axminster EX13 5FN; D Ledger, 13 Marsh Rd, Seaton EX12 2LQ; J Loudoun, Bourne Cottage, Sidbury EX10 0SQ; D Manley, 44 Baker Close, Sidmouth  EX10 9YJ; V Ranger, Harpford, EX10 0NQ; M Rixson, 22 Sid Vale Close Sidford EX10 9PH; J Rowland, 18 Albion Close, Seaton EX12 2XS