Is Our Opposition in the EDDC Election for Seaton Getting Worried?

Dan Ledger Jack Rowland Seaton EDDC
    Dan Ledger/Jack Rowland
    EDDC Candidates

    Seaton Ward

    The first East Devon Alliance election board that went up in Seaton was deliberately vandalised on Saturday and in broad daylight sometime between 11 am and noon. The board was in private property overlooking the Underfleet so who could possibly have taken offence to an advertising board showing support for the 2 EDA Independent candidates standing for election in Seaton, Dan Ledger and Jack Rowland?

    We’ll let readers draw their own conclusions – sounds as though we might have ruffled a few feathers in the opposition.

    Ironically at the time that the vandalism occurred Dan and myself were out and about in Thury Harcourt and the Town Centre talking to residents about the election, obtaining their views and explaining ours.