Val Ranger Newton Poppleford and Harpford EDDC Election 2019
    Val Ranger
    EDDC Candidate

    Newton Poppleford & Harpford Ward

    Historic planning decisions have a long reach. Newton Poppleford has been designated as ‘sustainable’ as part of Strategy 27 of the Local Plan 2013-2031 despite the problems with travel in and out of the village, the lack of public transport and the expense of the transport that does exist. On average 16,000 vehicles per day pass through Newton Poppleford and yet planning permission has been given for more than 64 houses with scant regard to parking issues and impact on existing residents. Only a small proportion are affordable for local people. The new school is already full. S106 and CIL payments owed to the parish for infrastructure to support the housing growth is slow coming forward. There is a lack of parity in planning decisions, overdevelopment of the ANOB completely contrary to the NPPF which states that ANOB should not be developed except in exceptional circumstances. Developers are allowed to wriggle out of their planning obligations.  Agricultural land is being lost every day in a system exploited in the name of ‘diversification’. Quiet conversations behind closed doors have brought us to the position we find ourselves in.  I wholeheartedly believe in honesty, openness and accountability.  I have been a member of the parish council since 2014 and am on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in an attempt to help local people take back control of planning in their parish. If re-elected I will continue to fight for what matters to local residents.

    Published by C Gardner, Minton House, Colyton EX24 6JY on behalf of EDA candidates: P Arnott, Minton House, Colyton EX24 6JY; D Bickley, 30 Tyrrell Mead, Sidmouth EX10 9TP; C Gardner, 10 Coombe Hayes, Sidmouth EX10 9XX; P Hayward, Plumtree, Old North St, Axminster EX13 5QF; S Jackson, 69 Dukes Way, Axminster EX13 5FN; D Ledger, 13 Marsh Rd, Seaton EX12 2LQ; J Loudoun, Bourne Cottage, Sidbury EX10 0SQ; D Manley, 44 Baker Close, Sidmouth  EX10 9YJ; V Ranger, Harpford, EX10 0NQ; M Rixson, 22 Sid Vale Close Sidford EX10 9PH; J Rowland, 18 Albion Close, Seaton EX12 2XS