John Loudoun EDDC Elections 2019
    John Loudoun
    EDDC Candidate

    Sidmouth Rural Ward

    As a Sidbury resident I wish to represent the Ward where I live on the District Council.

    I have a strong commitment to public service and will stand up for Sidmouth and the Sid Valley. I want to work to make things better and more efficient for local residents and visitors.

    As your District Councillor I will have no personal vested interest to pursue other than wanting to give something back to our community.  I want to make improvements to our lives locally.

    I will hold myself to the same high standards that I will be demanding from everyone else associated with the District Council . Tough times need high standards and leadership.

    I am actively involved in local community campaigns. I am at the forefront of opposing the proposal to build a business park at Sidford. I am also heavily involved in the road safety campaign in Sidbury. I was involved in an attempt to community purchase the Red Lion pub in Sidbury, which is back at the heart of village life after a subsequent private purchase.

    I am standing as an Independent East Devon Alliance candidate. I will not be subject to the direction of any main political party. However, to be effective I will work with other likeminded East Devon Alliance Councillors.

    For more information, please visit my Facebook election page:

    Published by C Gardner, Minton House, Colyton EX24 6JY on behalf of EDA candidates: P Arnott, Minton House, Colyton EX24 6JY; D Bickley, 30 Tyrrell Mead, Sidmouth EX10 9TP; C Gardner, 10 Coombe Hayes, Sidmouth EX10 9XX; P Hayward, Plumtree, Old North St, Axminster EX13 5QF; S Jackson, 69 Dukes Way, Axminster EX13 5FN; D Ledger, 13 Marsh Rd, Seaton EX12 2LQ; J Loudoun, Bourne Cottage, Sidbury EX10 0SQ; D Manley, 44 Baker Close, Sidmouth  EX10 9YJ; V Ranger, Harpford, EX10 0NQ; M Rixson, 22 Sid Vale Close Sidford EX10 9PH; J Rowland, 18 Albion Close, Seaton EX12 2XS