The Independents of the East Devon Alliance were elected to help run a better, more democratic, accountable and transparent council. We believe that this aim is shared by the great majority of Independents, whether under the umbrella of the EDA or otherwise. 

Therefore we would like to offer all councillors our aspirations in the event of a new Independent-led administration for work which should begin on the first day, to then prove reportable progress within the first 100 days.

These are our aims, and we would be delighted to collaborate with others to enhance and add to them. 


1.​Reinforce adherence to the Nolan Principles: live and breathe ​Accountability, Transparency, Democracy

2.​Improve cross-council collaboration and communication ​(DCC/towns/parishes)

3.​Improve public communication and engagement, e.g. policy for ​consultation; EDDC website overhaul

4.​Review Standards procedures and responsibilities

5.​Review function and management responsibilities of Senior ​Management tier


1. Immediate actions to mitigate climate change, e.g. in all Service Plans as a priority

2. Initiate discussions about new National Park with Dorset (inc AONBs)

3. Waste & Recycling – review for improvements; implement plastic-free Council; litter picking

4. Beach management plans – e.g. Sidmouth, Seaton


1. Review provision of affordable/social/co-ownership housing

2. Provision of land for self-builders

3. Homelessness strategy implementation


1. Community hospitals as Assets of Community Value

2. Public Health responsibilities and funding


1. Review of GESP and public consultation thereof

2. Local Plan and housing need (CPRE report) review

3. Housing quality and environmental impact policies

4. Implementation of flood mitigation schemes

5. Funding of infrastructure, e.g Exmouth, Axminster, council vs developer

6. Speedy collection and distribution of s106 monies to towns and parishes


1. Continued review of plans for Growth Point, Enterprise Zone, Sky Park and Science Park

2. New focus on the rural and tourism economy

3. Revitalisation of town centres working with town councils

4. Speedy delivery of small work units

5. Devolution of assets to towns, parishes and community groups

6. Broadband delivery working with DCC


1. Urgent review of budget and cost savings, e.g. contracts for housing repair

2. Independent audit

3. Review investment strategy

4. Implement formal business planning approach for all major projects